Get the most out of your knives!

If you've just bought some Kutara Knives or you're still considering it, this page has everything you need to keep your knives in top condition. 

Shipped Sharp

Your knife blades will arrive pre-sharpened. Give them a quick rinse and they're ready to use out of the box!

Hand-Wash Only

When you finish preparing your food, wipe any wet food residue off right away. Hand-wash with soap and warm water, then wipe dry with a dish towel before placing them away for storage. Don't leave them in the sink overnight!

IMPORTANT: Do not machine wash your knives! Dishwashers leave water droplets on your blades for extended periods of time, which will cause rust to form. If you want your knives to last, hand-wash only!

Sharpen in Stages

Over time, your blades will begin to dull from normal use. Sharpen them regularly with multiple stages of whetstones--always start with a coarse grit, then finish with a fine grit. We recommend using our 3-Stage Sharpener for the best results. 

If you have your own whetstones, lightly oil and lay it flat on your table or workbench. Position your blade at a 30° angle, and pull it from hilt to tip across the whetstone, with little downward pressure. Repeat evenly on both sides until sharp!