Kutara started with an injury. An errant slice of a dull knife slit right though the finger of a loved one at a special family reunion, and the blood-stained cutting board and wasted food burned a vision into our founder's mind: sharper knives for safer lives. The futile sawing motion required to cut with a dull knife makes them inherently more dangerous than a smooth motion with a sharp knife. This truth has become the cornerstone of Kutara, and every knife we make is guaranteed to hold the sharpest edge for the safest and most efficient cutting experience. 

The founding team of Kutara has over 20 years of combined experience in the culinary world, from food prep in a commercial kitchen to front-end customer interaction. We have demonstrated our passion for providing the great food that brings family and friends together around the kitchen table. Now we want to give back to the culinary community by providing the highest quality cutting equipment to ensure that satisfaction of a home cooked meal doesn't come at the cost of injury. 

To achieve this lofty goal, the team first sources the highest quality materials for each of our product lines. As any commercial chef could tell you, carbon steel achieves the sharpest and most resilient edge. Our professional line of knives uses premium Japanese VG10 and Damascus Steels, with carbon content upwards of 1% for strength and Chromium to resist corrosion. Our ceramic line uses Zirconia, which is best in class for ceramic cutlery. Zirconia blades are harder than steel and can undergo an additional carbonization step to yield a matte black finish. Our affordable line of Stainless Steel knives features the rippled texture of the Damascus technique without the expense.

The best carbon steel in the world is currently produced in the Fukui Prefecture of Japan: V金10号, or V-Gold-10 Steel. Abbreviated to VG10, this stainless steel grade is considered the gold standard for Japanese chef knives, which led us to craft the core of our blade from it. However, due to the extreme scarcity and trade limits, we supplement our cores with another premium metal: Damascus Steel. The intricate hammer-and-fold technique of Damascus has stood the test of time. Recent scientific analysis has even detected carbon nanotubes in ancient blades--giving extreme strength and impossibly light weight for the era. 

With the right materials in place, we are confident in achieving the highest quality kitchen knives to deliver to our customers. As a KUTARA customer, you can rest assured that you will receive a presentable, ready-to-use knife or knife set with no doubt of authenticity. Visit our collections to discover your new favorite kitchen knife!